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Custom Shed Tampa


We are Mark and Joey, the M and J in MJ Sheds.

We started this  business after looking to build sheds for ourselves and having trouble finding an affordable and quality solution for our needs. We could not believe the prices of what we considered to be low quality sheds offered at the big box stores.

We decided to come up with plans for ourselves and build to our standards of quality and could not believe the money we saved going this route. We know others are struggling with the same issues we had and thought we should offer our sheds as solutions to others, that's when we decided to go into the business of building sheds. 

If you are looking for a new high quality shed I hope you will compare our sheds against the competition. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at our quality and affordability. 

Let us help you build the shed of your dreams.

All The Best,

Mark and Joey


MJ Sheds

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